Comparing and Calculating Time - Worksheet

Year 3
Comparing and Calculating Time - Worksheet
Teacher of Primary
Teacher of Primary
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The "Comparing and Calculating Time" worksheets are a collection of educational resources designed to help students enhance their time management skills. These worksheets present a variety of challenges that require students to compare lengths of time, find the difference between times, and determine start and finish times for various activities. For example, one worksheet asks students to identify the slowest participant, who arrived second or last, and the winner in different scenarios. Another section prompts them to calculate how long they have to wait for a train, the duration of a journey, or the baking time for a cake. These exercises are not only practical for everyday life but also reinforce mathematical concepts related to time.

The worksheets also include tasks where students must order competitors based on their finishing times, such as colouring in the winners of a fish swimming race according to their completion times. Moreover, students are tasked with calculating time differences for given periods throughout the day and deducing when certain activities began or ended based on their duration. For instance, they might determine when a football match concluded, the time someone finished reading a book, or when a bus journey arrived at its destination. The exercises are designed to improve students' ability to work with hours and minutes, understanding time intervals, and applying this knowledge to real-life situations.

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