Zoggy Is Lost - Teacher Notes (Writing And Comprehension Practice)

Zoggy Is Lost - Teacher Notes (Writing And Comprehension Practice)
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The "Zoggy Is Lost" teacher notes provide guidance for a writing and comprehension practice resource, tailored for children aged 4 to 8 years. It is a phonic writing practice and comprehension workbook designed to complement the phonic reading and spelling book "Zoggy Is Lost." This workbook is part of the 'Mission Spelling Zero' series, which is categorised into seven levels, each represented by a different colour of the rainbow. It is essential that this workbook is used in conjunction with the "Zoggy Is Lost" book, specifically the green level of the scheme, to ensure the activities align with the phonics sound work taught in the book. The workbook offers a variety of follow-up activities, such as reinforcing letter sounds, tracing, writing letters and words, learning spellings, and a simple comprehension exercise based on the story.

Introducing the innovative 'Mission Spelling Zero' scheme, it is designed to help young learners take their first steps in reading and spelling through a structured course. The scheme introduces children to Zoggy, a friendly alien character with exceptional computer skills, who guides them through learning initial sounds, double consonant blends, and vowel digraphs. As children progress through the rainbow levels, their phonic skills become a foundational tool for accelerated future learning. In addition to the phonic books, 'Mission Spelling Zero' offers a series of writing booklets where children can practice handwriting, construct their first sentences, and engage in games that reinforce their learning. The scheme aims to make the journey of reading and spelling engaging and effective for young learners.

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