Zoggy Is Lost - Activity Pack

Zoggy Is Lost - Activity Pack
Guinea Pig Education
Guinea Pig Education

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'Zoggy Is Lost' is an enchanting activity pack designed to engage young readers and help them develop their reading and spelling skills. Illustrated by Annalisa Jones and authored by Sally Anne Jones, this publication by Guinea Pig Education offers a delightful narrative accompanied by exercises that encourage children to sound out words and practice spelling. The story follows an unexpected visitor, an alien named Zoggy, who finds himself lost in a mysterious wood. As the animals of the wood stay awake, hiding and peeping from the bushes, Zoggy remains brave, even when faced with the woodland's creatures.

The book not only tells the tale of Zoggy's adventure but also includes a series of spelling exercises that challenge children to learn and spell various words. With a focus on phonics, the activity pack introduces sounds like 'ea' in 'head' and 'ie' in 'shriek', guiding children to spell words such as 'sleep', 'sleek', and 'bee'. Parents and educators are encouraged to let children read the booklet aloud, spell the words in a workbook, and perhaps reward their efforts with stickers or other incentives. The story culminates with Zoggy being helped by the kind animals of the wood, including a big, male stag, who reassures him and leads him back to safety. 'Zoggy Is Lost' is an interactive and educational resource that combines storytelling with literacy development.

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