There’s An Impatient Alien At The Funfair - Teacher Notes

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There’s An Impatient Alien At The Funfair - Teacher Notes
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"There's An Impatient Alien At The Funfair" is a captivating children's book aimed at 3 to 7-year-olds, designed to facilitate conversations between adults and children about the value of patience. The story centres around Zoggy, a friendly extraterrestrial character, who exhibits a lack of patience when he visits the fair. Zoggy is unsure about the speed of the rides and is particularly averse to the idea of waiting in line. However, his bond with his friend Dan proves to be a powerful influence. Dan imparts the importance of patience to Zoggy, teaching him that sometimes putting a friend's happiness before your own is the more rewarding choice.

The book is part of the "Zoggy the Alien" series by Guinea Pig Education, which showcases the adventures of Zoggy as he navigates life on Earth. The series emphasises themes of inclusiveness and acceptance, as Zoggy discovers that he is welcomed and loved despite his differences. Through his journey, Zoggy learns to cope with common emotional challenges such as fear and anxiety. These stories are not only timely and relevant but also packed with valuable life lessons, making them a delightful addition to any young child's reading collection.

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