Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway - Sections 13-14 Summary

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Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway - Sections 13-14 Summary
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Finally! It is time for the party and Clarissa has never looked more glamourous. As the guests arrive, Clarissa’s anxiety boils over. What if the party is a failure and she looks like a fool? When she hears about a horrible event that delayed some of her guests, Clarissa spirals into despair. Will Clarissa be able to compose herself, find meaning in tragedy, and turn her party into a triumph?Watch our summary of Mrs Dalloway: Sections 13-14 to find out what happens.Note: As Mrs Dalloway does not have traditional chapters, we have divided the novel into 14 ‘Sections’. Following the Penguin Classics version of the novel (ISBN 9780141182490), Sections 13-14 are as follows:Section 13: pp. 165-180 (‘One of the triumphs of civilisation…’ – ‘He opened the big blade of his pocket-knife.’)Section 14: pp. 181-213 end (‘Lucy came running full tilt downstairs…’ – ‘For there she was.’)