Arts and Crafts: How to Paint a Kindness Poster

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Kindergarten - 9th Grade
Arts and Crafts: How to Paint a Kindness Poster
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Hi friends! What nice words do you say to your friends? Please, thank you and your welcome are such important words to use to make the people around us feel special. Join us today to learn how to paint your very own nice words poster. Materials1x Sheet of watercolour paper1x Paint brush1x Paint palette5x Crayons (e.g. purple, red, blue, green, black)5x Acrylic paint (e.g. blue, apricot, light green, yellow, cream)1x Cup of waterSafety WarningSharp tools are involved in this project. It is advised for an adult to supervise children when working on this project.Schooling Online recommends parents/educators purchase non-toxic ingredients for arts and crafts materials.