Arts and Crafts: How to Make a radio

Art and Design
Kindergarten - 9th Grade
Arts and Crafts: How to Make a radio
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Hi friends! Time to tune in to today’s craft activity! Bella and Pepe are going to learn how to make a radio out of recycled materials! They can’t wait to make it so they can blast their favourite songs. Materials4x Foam sheet scraps (blue, green, red, yellow)1x Hole punch1x Paint palette2x Bottle caps (black)1x Straw1x Paint brush2x Acrylic paint (purple & black)1x Pen1x Scissors1x Sticky tape1x White felt scrap1x Box (e.g. empty snack bags package)1x Grey felt scrap1x Cylinder shape object (e.g. a small cup)1x Non-toxic glue10x Double sided sticky squares2x Dot stickersSafety WarningSharp tools are involved in this project. It is advised for an adult to supervise children when working on this project.Schooling Online recommends parents/educators purchase non-toxic ingredients for arts and crafts materials.