Mimi The Marmoset's Morning Routine

Art and Design
Year 7 - Year 12
Mimi The Marmoset's Morning Routine
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Art and Design Resource Description

Mimi the Black Tufted Marmoset is a tiny monkey and has lots of specific needs. Join Jessi as she shows you Mimi's morning including her breakfast prep, enrichment, and a training session. Mimi is not a pet, she is the unfortunate result of someone trying to make her a pet and when it didn't work out she was discarded and ended up at a rescue facility unable to be reintroduced to other monkeys. If you're interested in having a monkey as a pet please watch the videos below for more information on what it's like to care for them. Mimi should not be living alone and we're sad that she can't have companionship. We try to make up for that by offering her lots of enrichment, but it just doesn't compare.