Skunk in a Box!

Art and Design
Year 7 - Year 12
Skunk in a Box!
Animal Wonders Montana
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Art and Design Resource Description

Lollipop the striped skunk loves to search and find her food, just like a skunk would in the wild. By providing Behavioral Enrichment, or BE, we are stimulating one, if not all five of her senses. The treats in a box stimulates her sense of smell, taste, and touch. It also makes her use her mental and physical capabilities to solve the situation she's in. We don't just give her treats in a box, we sometimes hide her entire diet in various boxes, blankets, paper, and other items. She loves to spend her time searching for just one more morsel of food. In the wild skunks spend all night smelling out and digging up their meals. We do our best to mimic their natural behaviors in captivity. You can see how excited she gets with the box diving behavior! Don't worry she's not starving, and she's not overweight, she just really really loves her food!