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Northern Irish artist Ruairi McGuigan uses illustration and wood cutting tools to create life-size figures. He reveals why he loves being an artist and how he works. Subscribe for more Art and Design clips from BBC Teach on Thursdays when we have them in: If you found this video helpful, give it a like. Share it with someone. Add the video to your own teaching playlists. Create an account, subscribe to the channel and create playlists for different age groups, sets and syllabuses. ===================== Northern Irish artist Ruairi Fallon McGuigan uses illustration and wood cutting tools to create life-size figures. He reveals why he loves being an artist and his process. Ruairi has recently received a commission to create the work for a new museum exhibition. Ruairi uses wood cutting tools and chisels to carve out the figures’ faces. In the film he talks about what inspired him to become an artist and his experiences of art at school. Ruairi talks about the process of creating his art work and how trial and error, and making mistakes is part of that process. This clip is from the BBC series What is Art? A collection of short films from the BBC following a day in the life of seven UK-based artists and designers For our What is Art? playlist: For our Art and Design playlist: For Class Clips users, the original reference for the clip was p03pcqsz. ===================== Teaching Art and Design? This clip is excellent at explaining the process of developing a realised work, starting with sketches and building to an ambitious large woodcut and printed piece. The clip could be used to inspire a similar approach from the pupils. They could work on quick sketches of one another, or as a homework task, and then refine these drawings into a design to be turned into a relief print. Using polyblock tiles the pupils could transfer their designs onto the tiles to create a printing block and then use printing ink to create stylised portraits. This clip will be relevant for teaching Art and Design at KS3 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 3rd Level in Scotland. ===================== For more clips from other subjects at the BBC Teach YouTube channel: More from BBC Learning Zone: More resources from BBC Bitesize: ===================== Subscribe to create your own customised playlists, and get notified about our latest clips. As we have them, new videos will be uploaded on the following days: Mondays: Biology, Computer Science, Music, Religious Studies Tuesdays: Drama and Performance, English Language, Maths, Physical Education Wednesdays: Languages, Media Studies, Modern Studies and PSHE, Physics Thursdays: Art and Design, Chemistry, Geography, History Fridays: Business Studies, Design and Technology, English Literature, Early Years