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Organise your curriculum on the calendar whilst having total control and flexibility with Pango's customisable lesson plans. You can also track standards to monitor your class' progression.

Plan Lessons with Pango

Stay organised and keep everything in one place

Stay on top of your scheme of work over the term. Things don't always go to plan, so quickly and easily restructure the topics you still have to teach as you go to make sure you're on track.
Stay organised over the term using the Calendar

Structure your term

Clear visibility of your units and lessons for every class makes it easy to stay on top of your term with Pango. Use the calendar to reorganise your schemes of work, whilst the timetable on your dashboard makes it easy to organise your day and week.
Easy to navigate Units and Lessons
Keep track of curriculum standards and objectives

Standards Tracker

Keep track of Standards and Curriculum objectives over the course of the year. Quickly see how many lessons you’ve taught to each standard.
Use our already available collection of Standards or make your own completely custom standards, just for you or for your school

Flexible and customisable lesson plans

Pango puts you in control. We know that teachers are the best person to decide how to get the most out of their students. Everything in Pango is fully customisable, helping you plan your lessons the way that you know works.
Flexible lesson planning

No need to start your lesson plan from scratch

Have a look through the range of Lesson Plan Templates created by fellow Pango users. Or create your own custom lesson plan templates. You can then share these with your department, school or even make them public for other Pango users!
Flexible lesson planning
Flexible lesson planning

Add resources to your lesson plans

Use our library of public resources to search and add materials to your lesson plans. Or upload you own.

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