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The Pango library gives intelligent recommendations from all sources, so no need to waste time visiting multiple websites to find the perfect resource. We have videos, worksheets, slides, assessments, templates, standards and even whole schemes of work for all subjects!

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Pango makes recommendations as you plan. As the content of your lesson plan changes, so do the recommendations. Recommended content is always relevant and helpful, saving you precious time.

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Pango has created tailor-made content for you to search from. Pango users can also make their custom content public, so that teachers can share their invaluable knowledge with others.
Flexible lesson planning

National Curriculum Standards

Pango has collated standards according to the National Curriculum. No need to spend time copying and pasting - they’re all here ready for you to add to your lessons.
Flexible lesson planning
Flexible lesson planning

White Rose Maths

Pango holds the schemes of work for White Rose Primary Maths. With one click the whole year of units, lesson plans and resources for White Rose can be assigned to your class!

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