Efficient teamwork for any department or school

Pango keeps everyone coordinated with shared curriculums, units, lessons, standards, templates and more. Help everyone save time with intuitive team planning - leave the messy shared drives, USB sticks and duplicated documents in the past.
Plan Lessons with Pango

Collaborate on units with your colleagues

Your colleagues can view original lessons from collaborated units and take their own copies to edit and customise.
Stay section1 over the term using the Calendar

Collaborate on units

Invite teams to collaborate on a unit, making teamwork in your department more effective and time saving.

Easy to navigate Units and Lessons
Keep track of curriculum standards and objectives

Copy and edit lessons

View copies of lessons within collaborated units. View your colleague’s changes as they make them and take your own copy to edit for your class. Working in your team has never been easier.

Share content across your school

Pango makes sharing content simple. Share resources and schemes of work with colleagues in your team. Share standards and lesson plan templates across your school.
Flexible lesson planning

Easily create teams for your school and invite colleagues to join

Setting up teams for your school couldn’t be easier. Every school is different so it’s up to you how you structure your departments. Once you’ve created a team, simply invite colleagues to start collaborating!
Flexible lesson planning
Flexible lesson planning

Share materials with your teams

Found a great resource in our library that you want to share with your department? Or you’ve made a custom lesson plan template that you’d like the teachers in your school to use? With Pango it’s easy to share materials with your department and school. Shared content appears on your team page, for your colleagues to use immediately.

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Make your lesson planning easier and more efficient with Pango